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Wings of Flight Foundation is committed to its vision, mission and goals. This includes ensuring that the Wings of Flight Foundation continues throughout the year to educate the youth, maximize our charitable output and to expand our community of support. The long term goal is to further mature Wings of Flight Foundation into a well-run charitable foundation as measured by Guide Star and other organizations.

In 2019,  Wings of Flight Foundation continued the 30 year tradition of flying over Remembrance Day ceremonies at the Mesa Cemetery, where 23 British RAF pilot cadets are laid to rest. We worked hand in hand with the Mesa Historical Museum to create their “Women in Aviation” exhibit. This exhibit ties in nicely with our bi-annual “Ladies Night” mentoring symposium for females in the aviation industry.

One of Wings of Flight Foundation goals is the education of our youth. We are proud to be the home of Aviation Explorers Troop 352 in our new location. These teens & young adults earn their pilot wings, learn to maintain aircraft, and to explore aviation opportunities. We helped AE raise over $30,000 last year.

Several of our pilots also mentor American Airlines cadets from the CAE Oxford Academy at Falcon Field. Our favorite charity event is our annual toy drive and Christmas party for nearby Sunshine Acres Home for Children. It is the highlight of our year and we have raised over $100,000 since this event began.


Dale Churchill (Left) - President, Founder and Director

Born and raised in Arizona. He's been hanging around Falcon Field since 1973, beginning at his dad's hangar. Dale graduated from ASU and is married with 3 sons. He has 13 type ratings and likes flying formation the most. His favorite plane to fly is the one he is in. Dale is a captain for American Airlines (former America West) on the B777.

Brian Churchill (Right) - Treasurer, Historian and Director

Born and raised in Arizona, Brian went to Arcadia High School and went on to graduate from ASU. He started hanging around Falcon Field with his dad and brother when he was just a kid and has been there ever since. He enjoys sharing the rich history of Falcon Field and meeting the WWII pilots who learned to fly here. Brian started with America West Airlines and is currently a first officer on the B777 for American Airlines. He is married with two kids, and his son, Will, is in the Coast Guard.

Mike Doyle (Center) - VP & Director

Mike was born in Pennsylvania and raised in Mesa. He attended Mt. View High School and the U of A. He was hired by America West Airlines as a flight attendant but went on to get his pilot ratings. He is a captain on the Boeing 777 for American Airlines. His favorite airplane is the B25, which he flies with the CAF. Mike loves the chance to introduce people to flying. He has a lovely wife and daughter.


Dennis headshot_edited.jpg


Secretary & IT

Dennis is a retired commercial pilot now flying a corporate plane in addition to his time spent with Wings of Flight Foundation.


Was born in Jamaica and moved to California at the age of 6. He attended Pacific Union College in the Bay Area before graduating from  the American Airlines cadet program at CAE Oxford Academy at Falcon and now flying for Envoy Airlines.





Board of Advisors - Website Administrator

Born and raised in North Carolina and moved to Arizona in 2013 to flight instruct foreign airline students at Falcon Field.  She and her husband and son spend most of their time at Falcon Field at their hangars on the north side of the airport. Her favorite plane to fly is a super cub.

Board of Advisors - Media Coordinator

Patti is an Arizona native who started her romance with aviation in 1986 when she began her flight attendant career at America West Airlines (now American). Patti is also celebrating her 27th year actively selling real estate in Phoenix and surrounding areas. Married to husband Dennis, they have four children and two grandchildren. Sharing their joint love of aviation with others through Wings of Flight Foundation has been very rewarding.

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